Giraffe Girl's Affordable Rates, Simple Policies



CASH, CREDIT, OR CHECK:  $24.00 per hour, (half-hour minimum $12.00). Gratuities are welcome but optional.


When Giraffe Girl does your shopping, wrapping, shipping and errands, you will deposit funds for these purchases with us in advance.



We will make every effort to bring home exactly what you put on your list, call you whenever possible if we can't find it.  Occasionally if we can't reach you, we will choose to omit or substitute a similar item as appropriate. Please understand that if you choose to have item(s) returned to the store, Giraffe Girl's time rates will apply for any return trips. We make every effort to get your errands done right the first time.



Generally we serve the residents of Story County, Iowa. You may negotiate more distant trips and services on an individual basis.